Discover The Krimml waterfalls Austria

In the Pinzgau valley, the major spectacle remains the Krimml waterfalls. Coming from 12 glaciers, these waterfalls 1,245 feet high unleash their water spouts with considerable uproar. Discover them on the Gerlos road, which offers a panoramic view of the Tratenköpfl. Hikers can approach the waterfalls by taking the signed footpath. If you continue along the road, you will very quickly look over Lake Wildgerlossee in its superb setting of high mountains.

  • The Krimml waterfalls , Austria
    The Krimml waterfalls

    Descending from 12 different glaciers, the water of this 380m high waterfall hits the pool beneath with a considerably loud crashing sound.

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  • The Krimml waterfalls , The lower cascade , Austria
    The lower cascade

    The torrent has the fastest flow in Europe, which makes it unique and attracts many curious visitors.

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  • The Krimml waterfalls , A true force of nature , Austria
    A true force of nature

    The Krimml Waterfalls are located in Hohe Tauern National Park. The torrent's incredible rate of flow plus the height of the falls result in a great deal of water spray.******************

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  • The Krimml waterfalls , The middle cascade , Austria
    The middle cascade

    A path alongside the falls leads to the top. It takes motivation as the path is steep, but it is definitely worth it.

    © Petr KratochvĂ­l / 123RF
  • The Krimml waterfalls , An enchanting place , Austria
    An enchanting place

    The torrent narrows in some places. It flows 1,482 metres from the top of Krimml.

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  • The Krimml waterfalls , Austria
    The Krimml waterfalls
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