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Diving Bahamas
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Diving

Although some destinations no longer live up to their reputation for diving, one thing is certain: the Bahamas will not disappoint those looking to be left alone. This archipelago that extends over more than 740 miles is actually distinguished by the incredible richness of its underwater ecosystem. With exceptional visibility, spectacular jumps, wrecks, blue holes, rich and varied fauna, you will be able to practice almost all types of diving in an idyllic setting. Amongst the thousands of sites in this formidable marine space of around 97,500 miles², you will not forget those on San Salvador (from the Club Med Columbus, ultra-equipped, with a hyperbar caisson), the Abacos (the Pelican Cay Land, the Sea Park, and the wreck of USS Adirondack. Brendal's Dive Center: www.brendal.com), Andros (the Fresh Creek wreck and the underwater caves. Andros Undersea Adventures: www.divebahamas.com), the Biminis islands (le site of Atlantis, the wrecks of Sapona and a Spanish galleon), the Exumas (the marine park, and Thunderball grotto), Grand Bahama (Angels'Camp, the magnificent wreck of Théo, the Zoo Hole) and New Providence (the Lyford Cay Wall, the Rose Island reef). Most of these places are only accessible by scuba diving, but you will find as many spots that can be explored by snorkelling.

There are various diving clubs:
New Providence:
- Centre Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean/www.stuartcove.com/europe: specialising in wall diving, sharks, and the hiring of underwater photo/video equipment.
- Dive Dive Dive Centre: www.divedivedive.com.
- Bahamas Divers Centre: www.bahamasdivers.com

Grand Bahama:
- Unexco Centre: www.unexcoCom
- Xanadu Undersea Adventures Centre: www.xanadudive.com

You will also find them on Cat Island, Eleuthera and Long Island :
- Cape Santa Maria Dive Center: www.capesantamaria.com


Diving , Blue holes , Bahamas
Blue holes

There are a large number of blue holes at the Small Hope Bay Lodge.

© Image Source / age fotostock
Diving , Andros wall , Bahamas
Andros wall

This wall is located 25 metres deep.

© Image Source / age fotostock
Diving , Sapona , Bahamas

This site consists of a shipwreck strewn with sponge and coral.

© Image Source / age fotostock
Diving , Sharks in the Bahamas , Bahamas
Sharks in the Bahamas

Most of the sharks in the Bahamas are reef sharks.

© vilainecrevette
Diving , Species found in the Bahamas , Bahamas
Species found in the Bahamas

All of the species present in the Caribbean can be found in the Bahamas.

© Stephen Frink
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