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Fishing, and particularly sport fishing, is very popular in the Bahamas. And you can understand why: small, big, deep water, reef or flying, all types of fish can be found in the Bahamian waters. The island of Andros, for example, is considered the world capital for catching bonefish. The Biminis have the reputation of being one of the most fabulous places for fishing in the world, and Ernest Hemingway was very fond of them, catching a 514 pound tuna there. Barracuda can be found near the reefs (all year-round); giant tuna on the Biminis, Cat Cay (south of the Biminis), West End and Grand Bahama (from mid-May to mid-June). There are also blue marlin in the whole of the western part of the Bahamas: from the Biminis and Cat Cay to Walker's Cay, near to Chub Cay (in the Berry Islands), between Exuma and Cat Island, but also to the north of Eleuthera at Green Turtle Cay (all year-round, but mostly in June and July).

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    Fishing in the Bahamas

    Recreational fishing is one of the most commonly practiced sports among visitors to the Bahamas.

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    Fishing permits

    A fishing permit can be obtained at customs.

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    Shark fishing

    Shark fishing is now prohibited in the Bahamas.

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    Big Game fishing

    This type of fishing can produce wonderful catches, such as barracudas.

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  • Sport fishing , Fishing in the Bahamas , Bahamas
    Fishing in the Bahamas

    Among the numerous fishing spots, Grand Bahama Island is very popular.

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