• On an evening, head down to 2nd street, with its many bars and restaurants.
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    There's plenty to do in Holetown

    On an evening, head down to 2nd street, with its many bars and restaurants.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Barbados

In the north, the village of Holetown was the first place on the island to be populated by Europeans. Its unusual Saint-James church is attractive, with its baptismal fonts from the 17th century.

Holetown: what to do?

There are many hiking routes, making it possible for visitors to admire the impressive landscapes along the untamed and rugged north coast.

The main attraction is Animal Flower Cave, part of a network of caves carved out by the sea, where visitors can admire many sea anemones. There is also St. James Parish Church in the village of Holetown.

  • The Animal Flower Cave.
  • The preserved coastline.
  • The location far from the airport


Take light clothing, but keep in mind that some places are air-conditioned. As a general rule of thumb, opt for something a little more elegant in the evening. Be aware, however, that even though Barbados has a similar atmosphere to the rest of the Caribbean, it is still rather conservative.

Holetown: what to eat?

There is a lot of seafood. Barbados offers a wide range of fish. The most common is the flying fish, which can be found in both fine dishes and sandwiches. Just add yam, plantain and sweet potato and you get a traditional dish. Try the 'cou-cou', a dish made from corn flour and okra, a vegetable. 'Pepperpot' is a spicy stew consisting of vegetables served with rice and red beans cooked in coconut milk. 'Conkies' are a combination of corn flour, coconut, pumpkin, grapes, sweet potato and spices, steam cooked in banana leaves. Chicken is seasoned with curry and served with a Creole sauce made from tomatoes, peppers and onions. You can also enjoy the papayas, pineapples, mangoes, guavas, coconuts and breadfruit. Make sure to try the strong tasting, amber coloured Barbados rum. The island produces Mount Gay and Cockspur rum, as well as white rums such as Alleyne.

Holetown: what to buy?

Don't forget the Barbados rum. It is difficult to find in England.

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