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Benin : Discover the country's culture




"Benin Percussion", D Symph P (2000).
"Yoruba Drums From Benin", Various Artists (2000).

Benin : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1556-1580, arrival of the Portuguese.
1575, foundation of Allada.
1645, foundation of Abomey.
1670, mission from Allada to Louis XIV.
1820-1835, installation of the"Brazilians".
1830-1850, gradual disappearance of slave trade due to trade in palm oil.
1851, first franco-dahomean treaty.
1892, Dahomey campaign. Seizure of Abomey by the French.
1894-1958, colony then territory of Dahomey, incorporated into FWA (French West Africa) in 1902.
1945-1947, first elections, first councils, first political parties.
1956-1958, transient regime of the "outline law" and referendum in September 1958.
1958 (4 Dec.), proclamation of the Republic of Dahomey.
1959 (February), 1st Constitution.
1963-1972, successive coups d'Etat.
1975 (30 Nov.), proclamation of the People's Republic of Benin (PRB).
1977 (16 Jan.), failed raid by Bob Denard's mercenaries on Cotonou.
1980 (February), unanimous election by Assembly of M. Kérékou as President of the Republic.
1990 (February), National Conference of Active Forces of the Nation at Cotonou, allowed democratic revival, as personified by Nicéphore Soglo who became President in 1991.
1996 (March), presidential elections. Soglo was ousted, and Mathieu Kérékou was again elected President.
2001 (March). Re-election of the President Mathieu Kérékou.

Benin : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January:
New Year's Day.
10 January:
Celebration of the People' Sovereignty.
8 March:
Woman's Day.
31 March 2009:
Birthday of the Prophet.
8 April 2009:
1st May:
Labour Day.
17 May 2009:
27 May 2009:
1st August:
National Bank Holiday (Independence).
15 August:
13 October:
end of Ramadan
26 October:
Armed Forces Day.
1st November:
All Saints' Day.
20 December:
Tabaski (celebration of Abraham's sacrifice).
25 December:

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