Travel to Bermuda, English flavour in the tropics

Well-known by long-haul seafarers, the Bermudas archipelago is less known by the wider public. As if you are a European holidaymaker, you are more likely to go to the Antilles, which are less expensive. A paradise for the lucky few, those who travel to Bermuda will not be disappointed. A pair of knucklebones lost by a giant: festooned with coral beaches, brightened up by sea beds as colourful as botanical gardens, the archipelago has 360 islands, of which 8 are important. At the same latitude as Madeira, Bermuda regularly receives cruise ships. The first stop for the New World? The American coasts are only 620 miles away...
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Amy Adejokun
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Bermuda: the key figures

Surface area : 54.0 km2

Population : 68500 inhabitants

  • Bermuda is a seaside destination with a considerable variety of water sports.
  • The numerous tourist facilities.
  • The climate is good all year round.
  • The archipelago is far from anywhere and is therefore a destination in itself.
  • The cost of living is relatively high.

Bermuda: what to visit?

Bermuda: what to buy?

Not much of a change of scene, but at St-George and on Front Street in Hamilton, you will find an excellent choice of English and European products: objects in china, jewellery, clothes, and Scottish woollen articles. The superb stamps are a good idea as presents.

Bermuda: what to eat?

You can taste seafood specialities in numerous restaurants, bars and cafés in the archipelago: lobster (from September to April), mussels tart, conch stew, shark... You should also try the sweet potato pudding and the local cocktails based on rum. For more traditional dishes: rock fish, red snapper. The gigantic Sunday traditional breakfast is a mixture of cod, bananas, eggs and potatoes, sprinkled with onion sauce.

Bermuda: what are the cultural particularities?

The population makes you think of the Caribbeans, however, four hundred years of British colonisation have profoundly influenced the Bermudian way of life. Cricket, tea-time in the afternoon, getting together with colleagues for a beer after work. Bermuda is therefore ideal for absorbing the mixture of the Anglo-Saxon and Caribbean cultures. Do not miss the traditional breakfast on Sunday morning. You also find the same respect for good manners in Bermuda as in England, and you need to dress correctly.

Bermuda: travel tips

High season for tourists is, of course, the period when the temperatures are mildest. However, if you are not here to sunbathe, you will get a great deal of peace by planning your visit between October and April. The lower prices can also be a factor in choosing the lower tourist season.

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