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The region of Khyeng and its thick jungle marks the route leading towards the Valleys of the Centre (between 3,608 and 8,528 ft). The mountain pass of Yutola leads to Bumtang, in the heart of four valleys which are spread over between 8,856 and 13,120 ft. The valleys of Chumey and Choekhor are agricultural, and those of Ura and Tangsont are for breeding yaks. The scattered population has swapped the mud of the south for stone. To the east, the regions of Mongar and Tashigang, which descend towards India, are lower and more sparse.

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    The valleys of the Centre

    The valleys of central Bhutan are known for their buckwheat and apple production, sturdy stone houses, and plethora of monasteries.

    Phuong Nguyen Duy / 123RF
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