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The fauna and flora

Due to its variety of ecosystems, Bolivia has incredibly rich fauna: llamas and alpacas are very common in the Altiplano, and, with a bit of luck, you may even see a condor, which was venerated by the Incas. It can be 10 feet wide, with its wings fully spread out. The Oriente holds the essential Bolivian fauna and flora. The Amazonian forest is obviously a precious sanctuary for rare species. You will see different types of lizards, parrots, snakes, fish and butterflies there. While sailing along the rivers, you have every chance of seeing turtles and alligators, and also anacondas. Together with other factors, deforestation has made some species rare, such as the jaguar, tapir, or Latin American bear. In the province of Santa Cruz, the Chiquitos plains have the most beautiful national parks of the Oriente.

Arts and culture

Bolivia is a country rich with culture and nature. Bolivian culture is influenced by Pre-Columbian civilisations and includes many rituals. Bolivians have a strong bond with their traditions and this in several areas, ranging from the cuisine to religion and the traditions and festivities.

These ancestral traditions often serve as an occasion for the Bolivians to come together and celebrate.

Markets are very widespread in Bolivia, the most well-known one being that of Punata, near the city of Cochabamba. Coca leaves are sold in special markets as the Bolivians use them for medicinal purposes. Weaving is an important element in Bolivian culture and varies depending on the ethnic group. Indeed, each group has its own fabrics, colours, shapes and symbols. The fabrics can be read and interpreted as a vision of the world.

The Carnival of Oruro is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and is the most renowned one in Bolivia.

Bolivia is also the most baroque of the Latin American countries due to its wealth of art, which includes music, paintings, churches and sculptures.

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