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Some 600 species of birds exist in Botswana, including the migrant birds that drop in depending on the rainfall, climate, temperatures and the food. More than 400 species thrive in the Gaborone region alone. There are also various water birds such as herons, pelicans, pink flamingos and storks.

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    Water lillies, Botswana

    Botswana has a favourable climate and has long been habitat to a large number of bird species

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    Bird species, Botswana

    The Gaborone region is ideal for birdwatching

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    The birds of Okavango

    200 different varieties of birds have been counted in the delta.

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    The eagle accounts for 38 different species.

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    The southern carmine bee-eater

    This bird lives in many different African countries.

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  • Birds , Botswana

    The summer months, from November to March, are the best time for observing these animals.

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