Discover Reptiles Botswana

Among the 157 species of reptile that you'll find all over the country are crocodiles, tortoises, lizards, amphibians, chameleons and snakes...

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    Reptiles, Botswana

    Reptiles are common in Botswana, both in the national parks and the wild

    © Mariusz / age fotostock
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    African crocodiles

    The African crocodile is recognisable by its narrow snout.

    © Dave Hamman / age fotostock
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    Snakes of Botswana

    More than 70 species of snakes have been counted, including the anaconda.

    © Bill Gozansky / age fotostock
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    The tortoises of Botswana

    There are 5 different species of tortoises in the country.

    © ZOONAR GMBH LBRF / age fotostock
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    The lizards of Botswana

    More than 64 species of lizards have been counted in Botswana.

    © Dave Hamman / age fotostock
  • Reptiles , Botswana
    The multicoloured lizard

    This lizard's scientific name is the Augrabies Flat Lizard.

    © Shem Compion / age fotostock
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