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Most of Botswana (90%) is covered in savannah vegetation. In the south west, the small shrubs and large grasses of the savannah are dominant, while lush forest is found in the Chobe region. The most common trees seen in the region are the acacia and the mopane. Actually, more than 3,000 species of plants have been identified, of which 200 are edible!

  • The Flora , African Flora, Botswana , Botswana
    African Flora, Botswana

    Savanna covers virtually the entire country

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  • The Flora , The sausage tree, Botswana , Botswana
    The sausage tree, Botswana

    The sausage tree is also known as Kigelia Africana

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  • The Flora , Botswana
    The Flora
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  • The Flora , Botswana
    The Flora
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  • The Flora , Botswana
    The Flora
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  • The Flora , Botswana
    The Flora
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