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Brazil has the largest ecological reserve in the world: Amazonia, formed by the forest and Amazon river. Not far from Belém is the freshwater island of Marajó, covering an area of over 19,305 sq mi. It boasts beaches lapped by fresh and salt water, grassland, lakes sheltering many birds, turtles, alligators, and a buffalo farm of over 400,000. Further into the heart of the forest, downstream from Manaus, the black waters of the Negro river join the yellow course of the Solimőes. They run side by side over several miles without mingling. Treat yourself to a stay in the forest, either in a lodge or on a boat. Choose an organised trip lasting one or more days. These are usually led by local guides. The experience includes watching wildlife at dawn and at night, learning about the plant life, canoeing on the various tributaries, fishing for piranhas and meeting the local inhabitants. Remember, this valuable natural heritage is fragile, and the survival of the ecosystem is constantly in a very fine balance. A five hour boat ride from Manaus is the Anavilhanas archipelago, where animals take refuge on hundreds of wild islands when the river floods.

  • Amazonia , The Amazon Rainforest , Brazil
    The Amazon Rainforest

    The Amazon represents over half of the planet's remaining rainforests, and it comprises the largest and most species-rich tract of tropical rainforest in the world

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  • Amazonia , The Amazon , Brazil
    The Amazon

    The longest river in the world.

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  • Amazonia , A green paradise , Brazil
    A green paradise

    Brazil is home to the largest nature reserve in the world - Amazonia, formed by the forest and the Amazon River.

  • A sense of adventure, Amazonia, The fauna and flora, Brazil
    A sense of adventure

    The natural surroundings here are fragile and the ecological balance is constantly under threat.

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  • Amazonia , A boat cruise up the Amazon , Brazil
    A boat cruise up the Amazon

    Why not treat yourself to a holiday on a boat.

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  • Amazonia , Amazonia from above , Brazil
    Amazonia from above

    The experience includes observing wildlife at daybreak and nightfall, learning about the local plant life, canoeing along the various tributaries, fishing for piranhas, and meeting the local inhabitants.

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