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Best travel blogs Brazil

A place which excites and enthralls, Brazil has welcomed visitors for hundreds of years. If you're into adventure holidays, Brazil has opportunities to go trekking, rafting, surfing or, even if you'd prefer to sit back, you can take in the music, dancing and revelry that takes up so much of their calendar. We found some blogs which we thought might give you a taste of Brazil and make you want to investigate further.
  • Food
    Flavours of Brazil

    [ Flavours of Brazil ]

    by James
    Comments: A blog devoted to the rich culinary traditions of Brazil.  Strong point: The recipes do not appear too complex.
  • Culture
    Celebrate Brazil

    [ Celebrate Brazil ]

    by Mashubi
    Comments: Learn about Brazilian food, dance, music, history and all aspects of life in Brazil.  Strong point: The blog entries are divided up into neat sections, so it's easy to navigate.
  • Adventure
    Adventures of A Gringa in Brazil

    [ Adventures of A Gringa in Brazil ]

    by Lindsey
    Comments: This Canadian expat moved to Brazil after meeting the man of her dreams. Check out her adventure!  Strong point: An inside look at Brazilian culture and customs.
  • Culture
    New York to Rio

    [ New York to Rio ]

    by Pamela Granoff
    Comments: This gumptious New York gal traded in the concrete jungle for the beaches of Rio. Check out her lively escapades here.  Strong point: Tips about any and everything Rio de Janerio.
  • Explore
    American Living in São Paulo

    [ American Living in São Paulo ]

    by Terea
    Comments: This expat brings a great sense of humour to all her stories in Brazil.  Strong point: Posts on every topic of life in Brazil.
  • Culture
    Tadeusz Deregowski

    [ Tadeusz Deregowski ]

    by Tadeusz Deregowski
    Comments: This artist has lived all over - born in Zambia, raised in Scotland. He now lives and works in South Brazil.  Strong point: Incredible paintings of life in Brazil.
  • Food
    Eat Rio

    [ Eat Rio ]

    by Tom Le Mesurier
    Comments: Looking for a great Rio restaurant guide? Look no further! Eat Rio has everything you need.  Strong point: Additional tips about travelling and visiting Rio de Janeiro.
  • Adventure
    Hidden Pousadas Brazil

    [ Hidden Pousadas Brazil ]

    by Alison McGowan
    Comments: All the best pousadas - B&B's, guesthouses, eco-lodges & boutique hotels, attached to some of Brazil's most beautiful locations off the beaten track.  Strong point: For the independent traveller wanting to discover 'hidden' paradise.
  • Adventure
    Brazil Travel Advice Clinic

    [ Brazil Travel Advice Clinic ]

    by Alison McGowan
    Comments: Alison also has a handy Brazil Travel Clinic blog to answer traveller queries, give personal advice and recommendations for planning a trip to Brazil.  Strong point: Everything you need to plan the perfect Holiday in Brazil.
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