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  • Tourists flock to the Orla Bardot to be photographed with the bronze statue of Brigitte Bardot.
    © Carlos Rodrigues
    Orla Bardot

    Tourists flock to the Orla Bardot to be photographed with the bronze statue of Brigitte Bardot.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Brazil

'Coquillages et crustacés...' Do you remember the song by Brigitte Bardot? Well, she was the one who helped put Buzios (which means 'shell' in Portuguese) on the map. Once a modest fishing village 93 miles north of Rio, Buzios inspired the French singer and actress when she visited it in 1964. Now a resort town fit to rival Saint-Tropez, it would be fair to say that Buzios worships Bardot! The seaside promenade is named after her (Orla Bardot), a bronze statue has been erected in her honour, and there's also a fresco and even a little memorial! The town is home to nearly 300 pousadas! However, it would be a pity to stay within the city centre, as Buzios is made up of a peninsula offering many different types of beaches: there are little coves for snorkelling (Praia Joao Fernandinho and Praia Joao Fernandes), Mediterranean-style beaches, a nudist beach (Praia Olho de Boi), and some areas with more choppy waters for surfers and kite-surfers (Praia Brava). Basically, there is something for everyone!

Buzios: what to do?

Scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing on Praia Brava, waterskiing, sailing around the peninsula, shopping, relaxing... these are just some of the many activities on offer here. In the evening, the city is famous for its nightclubs! Why not go to Privilege or Pacha, two well-known venues among partygoers. Not to mention Cafe del Mar. In short, it sometimes feels like you're in Ibiza!

Orla Bardot is the town's seaside promenade where you can admire the bronze statue of the movie star and the small memorial in her honour, as well as the 3 fishermen casting their nets (they're statues too, but they look incredibly real, especially at high tide!). Das Pedras is the main pedestrian street bustling with bars, restaurants and boutiques, and where numerous shows, concerts, batacuda, and capoeira demonstrations are frequently put on.

  • The diversity of the peninsula's beaches
  • The many charming pousadas
  • The crowds and the extravagant prices during the high season
  • The remote access, two and a half hours to get to Rio airport


Sunscreen and anti-mosquito products are absolute necessities. In summer, from December to March, temperatures can exceed 40°C! The best way to get around Buzios is by buggy, and a very popular means of transport it is!

To avoid

During high season, from December till March, Buzios is throbbing with tourists, especially Brazilians and Argentineans, and the prices go through the roof!

Buzios: what to eat?

We recommend you try two Brazilian dishes in particular, namely 'cozido' and 'feijoada', made with beans, rice, manioc flour, and meat. In this region, the latter is prepared with black beans, oranges, and dried meat. If you fancy a change, we also strongly recommend the Italian restaurants in the region, as they are often of good quality... You will also, of course, find the inevitable 'pao de queijo', which are cheese-stuffed buns served hot. Originally a speciality of the Minas Gerais region, they can now be found all over Brazil! Top everything off with 'quindim', a delicacy made from eggs and coconut: a real delight! The array of fruit and fruit juices available during your stay in Brazil range from the most common, like banana, mango, watermelon, pineapple, orange, papaya, passion fruit, and guava, to the more exotic, such as cashew, star fruit, and Brazilian cherry. Alcohol made from sugar cane, cachaça or pinga is enjoyed neat or with a mixer. With sugar, lime, crushed ice, and some skilful mixing, you have a caipirinha. Mix it with fruit juice and you get a 'batida'. Finally, Brazilians often wash their meals down with a can of guarana, a popular fizzy drink derived from a plant found in the Amazon, which provides a good alternative to Coca Cola.

Buzios: what to buy?

Numerous clothing shops, with more or less affordable prices, rub shoulders with vendors of hammocks, jewellery, pareos, and other souvenirs on the beaches. 'Havaianas' flip-flops worn by all Brazilians, regardless of their social class, have recently increased in value... Often sold for as much as £13 in Europe, you can find them here for just £7. Capoeira trousers are also very light and comfortable to wear, or you may fancy bringing back a wooden samba whistle, if you manage to find one!

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