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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

In the north of the bay of Angra dos Reis, Mangaratiba lies at the base of tropical forest-covered mountains at the edge of a heavenly beach. The Portobello Resort and Safari is famous for its safari. You will also find the Club Med Rio das Pedras lying at the mouth of a river at the foot of tropical forest-covered mountains. The heavenly-like beach and its granite rocks will make feel like you are in the Seychelles.

To see

The beach of Praia de Sao Braz is like a dream come true with its fine white sand, coconut trees, and a backdrop of mountains and lush forests. It is over half a mile long, so there is no shortage of space! In the bay, you can admire the many islands and islets making up the Angra dos Reis archipelago. As for the beach of Club Med Rio Das Pedras, it is a 600m tropical paradise with mountains, lush forests and pink granite rocks!

To do

The hotel's real selling point is its hour and a half safari trip in a jeep that takes you over rivers and past lakes. Along the way, you will have the chance to admire antelopes, gazelles, ostriches, crocodiles, zebras, dromedaries, camels, monkeys, llamas and tapirs; basically, animals from all over the world! To go on this safari, head to the Portobello Resort and Safari. At the beach you can play volleyball and try your hand at various water sports, like water-skiing, windsurfing, banana boating and jet skiing. At the Club Med Rio Das Pedras, anyone who's up for an adventure can kayak on the river that plunges into thick lush vegetation.


  • +  The animal park in Portobello Resort and Safari.
  • +  The heavenly beaches.
  • +  The exceptional natural surroundings: jungle-covered mountains plunging into the sea.


  • -  The location 60 miles south-west of Rio.
  • -  The mosquitoes.

To think about

Sunscreen and repellent are a must.

To avoid

Avoid going on a safari if you have already been on one in Africa: the comparison between the two will not be satisfying. Though, it is still better than nothing, especially for children!

To try

During your stay you'll have plenty of opportunities to sample the traditional fruit: bananas, mangos, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, papayas, passion fruit and guava, as well as the less known ones like cashews, star fruit and Surinam cherries. Alcohol made from sugar cane, cachaça or pinga is enjoyed neat or with a mixer. Combine it with sugar, lime and the right mixing technique and it becomes a caipirinha. Mix it with fruit juice and you get a batida. Finally, you will be able to try a can of guarana, a popular soda made with seeds from the Amazon and which offers a good exotic alternative to Coca Cola!

To bring back

Mosquito bites.
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