Discover Rio Botanical Gardens Brazil

In Rio, the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico) provide the opportunity to take a break from the city. There are more than 5,000 species of plants and flowers from all over the world spread over 346 acres of parkland. The famous perfectly straight pathway bordered on either side by 30 metre high royal palms marks the entrance to an old plantation.The view is striking, and if you wish to see the gardens when they are in flower, go between October and December. However, the visit is worth it in all seasons.

  • Rio Botanical Gardens , The Botanic Garden of Rio, Brazil , Brazil
    The Botanic Garden of Rio, Brazil

    One of the most beautiful and best preserved green areas in the city, the Botanical Garden is an example of the diversity of Brazilian and foreign flora

  • Rio Botanical Gardens , The water lily pond , Brazil
    The water lily pond

    A piece of nature in the middle of the city

    © Mickael David / age fotostock
  • Rio Botanical Gardens , A pretty statue , Brazil
    A pretty statue

    There are more than 5,000 plant varieties from all over the world plus many species of flowers growing in these 346 acres of parkland.

    © David Davis - age fotostock
  • Rio Botanical Gardens , The Corcovado cable car , Brazil
    The Corcovado cable car

    It passes near the botanical gardens

    © A.Lorgnier
  • Rio Botanical Gardens , Palm tree alley , Brazil
    Palm tree alley

    The trees rise 30 metres on both sides of this perfectly straight road. The view is striking.

    © A.Lorgnier
  • Rio Botanical Gardens , A panoramic kiosk , Brazil
    A panoramic kiosk

    Between October and December is the best time for a visit if you want to see the gardens in full bloom. However, there is plenty to see all year round.

    © A.Lorgnier
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