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The churrascarias Brazil
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The churrascarias

This type of restaurant is also very popular in Brazil. The dishes - mixed salads, meat in a sauce, grilled meat, fish and desserts - are presented in as a buffet. You help yourself, and pay according to the weight of your plate. In general, these establishments are fairly basic, so don't expect anything luxurious. They are like canteens, where locals go to something quick. However, you can also find more upmarket addresses that offer refined recipes around town for a relaxed evening meal.

The churrascarias

The churrascarias , Cheers! , Brazil

This type of restaurant is also very popular in Brazil.

GoGo Images - age fotostock
The churrascarias , A selection of fruit , Brazil
A selection of fruit

The dishes - mixed salads, meat in sauce, grilled meat, fish, and desserts - are presented buffet-style.

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The churrascarias , Enjoy your meal! , Brazil
Enjoy your meal!

You take what you like and then weigh your dish at the till.

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The churrascarias , Mixed salad , Brazil
Mixed salad

In general, these are simple establishments. They look like canteens and are a good place for a quick meal.

Wilfried Louvet
The churrascarias , Refined dishes , Brazil
Refined dishes

However, you can also find classier restaurants with refined cuisine on the menu. The prices are relative, so the price per kilo can be twice as much.

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