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The Costa Verde is lined with mountains planted with forests. At their feet are dozens of beaches, coves and headlands, and more than 300 islands link around 186 miles of coast. Needless to say, these are great spots for water sports and fishing. Go down to Trindade, 186 miles to the south of Rio. You will find perfectly preserved scenery: beaches of fine sand, forests going down to the sea, and natural swimming pools ready for swimming in. Also, find time to take a mini cruise on board a schooner (sailing boat with two masts). Daily departures are scheduled from Paraty (18 miles away from Trindade).

  • The Costa Verde , The Costa Verde, Brazil , Brazil
    The Costa Verde, Brazil

    Despite the increase in tourist arrivals, it has retained its wild charm

  • The Costa Verde , Paraty , Brazil

    Houses full of colonial charm

    Peter Adams - age fotostock
  • The Costa Verde , Angra dos Reis Bay , Brazil
    Angra dos Reis Bay

    With some 2,000 beaches and 365 islands, including the unmissable Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis Bay is a true divers' paradise.

    Mickael David / age fotostock
  • The Costa Verde , Ilha Grande , Brazil
    Ilha Grande

    You are sure to feel a million miles from home as you stroll through the sandy streets here.

    C. Rodrigues
  • The Costa Verde , Trindade , Brazil

    Make sure you visit Trindade, some 186 miles south of Rio, where you'll find a perfectly preserved setting of fine sandy beaches, forests stretching right down to the sea, and natural swimming pools.

    C. Rodrigues
  • The Costa Verde , Idyllic beaches , Brazil
    Idyllic beaches

    The virgin forest mountains of Costa Verde stand up against the sea.

    Bruno Perousse
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