Discover Tijuca Forest Brazil

The luxuriant vegetation of the huge Tijuca forest stretches almost to the very heart of the city. Five rivers flow through the forest, and thanks to its hilly terrain which takes in two summits over 1000 metres high, there are impressive waterfalls. There are several different routes to explore it, one of the most pleasant starting in the Jardin Botánico gardens in Rio and heading up towards Corcovado, and the heart of the equatorial forest.

  • Tijuca Forest , The Tijuca Forest , Brazil
    The Tijuca Forest

    A mountainous hand-planted rainforest in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the world's largest urban forest, covering some 12.4 sq mi

    © Ricardo Aguiar
  • Tijuca Forest , Corcovado , Brazil

    The mountain can be reached up a cable car with two red carriages that cross the tropical forest of Tijuca National Park.

    © David Davis - age fotostock
  • Tijuca Forest , Tijuca , Brazil

    The luxuriant vegetation of Tijuca consists of a very large forest that almost stretches into the very heart of the city.

    © Ricardo Aguiar - age fotostock
  • Tijuca Forest , Quati , Brazil

    Very soon you find yourself at the heart of the equatorial forest, surrounded by jackfruit trees and other particularly surprising species!

    © Ricardo Aguiar - age fotostock
  • Tijuca Forest , A waterfall , Brazil
    A waterfall

    Five rivers run through Tijuca forest, and as it also has two summits rising to 1,000m, there are a number of waterfalls.

    © Ricardo Aguiar - age fotostock
  • Tijuca Forest , Capuchin monkey , Brazil
    Capuchin monkey

    You may well come across these on your way up Corcovado!

    © Pablo Rodriguez - age fotostock
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