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The British Virgin Islands' archipelago is composed of about sixty islands, twenty of which are inhabited. The main islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Peter Island, Anagada and the Jost Van Dyke Islands. Of volcanic origin, they all possess fairly high relief, except for Anagada Island, which has a flat and coral relief. The highest point culminates at just 26 ft above sea level and dense sub-tropical forests cover most of the islands. East of Puerto Rico, a deep green emerges from the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The fauna and flora

Strolls on the British Virgin Islands are an easy way to stimulate your senses and work your imagination. There are colours and perfumes everywhere.

The yellow cedar is the national flower of this region. The other native species that grow here are the hibiscus, the ixora, the heliconia and the frangipani.

In terms of the fauna, it includes iguanas, deer, mongoose, hermit crabs and bats. As for the bird species, pelicans are very prevalent here and all over the Caribbean, as are the blue heron and many other migratory birds, especially around the salt ponds.

The British Virgin Islands are home to some ten national parks that include a marine park, Cam Bay, on the island of Great Camanoe where you can admire the magnificent underwater fauna that lives around the island.

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