Brunei is one of the richest countries in the world, and known for its reserves of hydrocarbons. This state, formed by two enclaves to the north-west of the island of Borneo, is covered by equatorial forest over more than half its territory. The coasts are not very interesting; however the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, has one of the largest mosques in Asia, and is worth visiting. Travel to Brunei if you are passing through, but it is not really worth the trip just for the sake of it.
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Brunei: the key figures

Surface area : 5770.0 km2

Population : 358098 inhabitants

  • Brunei is easily accessible from Singapore or Hong Kong.
  • The capital is worth visiting.
  • The country's interesting features are concentrated in the capital. You do not waste time with transport.
  • Brunei is not a seaside destination.
  • The beaches are marshy.
  • There is virtually nothing of cultural interest here.

Brunei: what to visit?



Brunei: what to buy?

You will find both imported luxury products and local craftwork. Work in silver and copper is very widespread, particularly in jewellery. You can buy a sarong in the shops; this traditional garment consists of a piece of material that you drape around yourself. Junk boxes are made of wood. You will also find gongs of all sizes. Tamu Night Market is the cheapest place for buying spices. Shops are open in the week from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Most of them stay open on Saturday.

Brunei: what to eat?

In the hotels, you will find European food. Local cuisine is of Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese inspiration. The dishes are often very spicy. You will find a lot of fish and chicken. Rice accompanies all the dishes. One of the specialities is called Satay, small kebabs of various meats in a pistachio sauce. The best Chinese restaurant is the Emperor's Court, in Bandar Seri Begawan, which serves Cantonese cuisine.

Brunei: travel tips

Brunei has very limited tourist attractions. Each year, the 12,000 people visiting the country are happy to pass through it quickly. Just one day is enough to visit Bandar Seri Bagawan. You can include Brunei in your programme during a stay in one of the neighbouring countries. You can easily get there from Malaysia. Some tour operators include Brunei in their tours to Singapore and Malaysia. The only attraction in the enclosed region of Temburong is the jungle. There is no point in going there unless you are intending to go on an expedition.

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