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With its white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, Nagpali is the up-and-coming seaside resort in Burma and is already popular with the Burmese at weekends in March and April, the hottest months here. Being difficult to access due to a "road" in poor condition has undoubtedly contributed to preserving one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The hotel facilities are still not very developed and the destination is expensive, but the political opening in progress is likely to change things. The main beach extends over several miles, to the north and south of the village. You will undoubtedly get to see the famous sun-dried fish and shrimp being, well, sun-dried!

  • Ngapali, Coasts, Myanmar

    A white sandy beach lined with coconut trees, Ngapali is the up and coming seaside spot in Burma.

    Gerold Grotelueschen / 123RF
  • A fishing village, Ngapali, Coasts, Myanmar
    A fishing village

    There are many fishing boats in this village.

    Jakob Fischer / 123RF
  • Nagpali , A complete change of scenery , Myanmar
    A complete change of scenery

    The difficult access, via a "road" that is in a very bad state, has no doubt helped to preserve one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

    Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE
  • Nagpali , Travelling around in a cart pulled by a bicyc , Myanmar
    Travelling around in a cart pulled by a bicyc

    The hotel industry is still underdeveloped and this is an expensive destination, but the political liberalisation currently taking place may well change things.

    Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE
  • Souvenirs made from shells, Ngapali, Coasts, Myanmar
    Souvenirs made from shells

    You will find two small art galleries on the beach in Ngpali, as well as objects made from shells (such as lampshades, which are a popular souvenir).

    Ostill / 123RF
  • Dried chilies, Ngapali, Coasts, Myanmar
    Dried chilies

    The most common dish here is fish served with Burmese-style fried rice or vegetables. The main seasonings: curry, coconut, garlic and chilli.

    Matej Hudovernik /123RF
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