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Although Myanmar is not a favourite sea side destination, there are some sea resorts such as Ngapali, Chaung Tha, and Kannthaya, where you can relax on yet unspoilt beaches or practise scuba diving.

  • Seaside resorts, Sea resorts, Coasts, Myanmar
    Seaside resorts

    It is possible to relax on the virgin beaches and do some scuba diving.

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  • Ngapali Beach, Sea resorts, Coasts, Myanmar
    Ngapali Beach

    This is the main seaside resort area in Burma.

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  • Sea resorts , Well-preserved beaches , Myanmar
    Well-preserved beaches

    The Burmese coast is protected from mass tourism.

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    Sea resorts
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  • , Sea resorts, Coasts, Myanmar
    Sea resorts
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  • Sea resorts , Myanmar
    Sea resorts
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