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Kyaikto, The Kyaikto, Landscapes, Yangon, Myanmar

The rock is coated with thousands of sheets of gold leaf symbolising the offerings made by pilgrims.

Sean Pavone 2015
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The Kyaikto Burma
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Kyaikto

Kyaikto (the Golden rock), located 130 miles out of Yangon, is a must-see. The pagoda, perched at an altitude of 1,000 m, and the landscape around it are worth a visit. The rock is covered in thousands of gold sheets, symbol of the pilgrims' offerings.

The Kyaikto

The Kyaikto , Burma
Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, or Golden Rock

Located 118 miles from Yangon, this is one of those sites that just has to be visited in Burma

© Galyna Andrushko / age fotostock
The Kyaikto , Burma
A pagoda

Perched at 1,000 metres of altitude, the pagoda and the landscape are worth seeing.

© Ingeborg Hauenstein / age fotostock
The Kyaikto , Burma
A natural curiosity

You have to wonder how it is that the rock doesn't fall over!

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A rock-stupa, The Kyaikto, Landscapes, Yangon, Myanmar
A rock-stupa

According to legend, it is balanced on a strand of Buddha's hair...

Galyna Andrushko / age fotostock
A must-be-seen site, The Kyaikto, Landscapes, Yangon, Myanmar
A must-be-seen site

One of the most important Buddhist sites in Burma.

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