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High plateau wildlife consists of elephants, rhinoceroses, stags, antelopes, wild buffalos, and bores. But you can also see tigers, leopards, wild cats, tapirs, and a multitude of monkeys. Bird watchers will spot parrots, peacocks, pheasants, crows, and herons. There are over 1,200 species in total, including crocodiles, lizards, cobras and other pythons.

  • Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Myanmar

    There is a very large ape population in this region.

  • Wildlife , Burma
    An elephant

    The country is home to many pachyderms.

    © Jeremy Richards / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , Burma
    A red panda

    A mammal originally from the Himalayas and southern China.

    © N A Planken-Kooij / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , Burma
    A leopard

    This cat lives in the Burmese jungle.

    © Heinrich Fuchs / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , Burma
    Dusky leaf monkey

    There are a multitude of monkeys here.

    © Cloudia Newland / age fotostock
  • Wildlife , Burma
    Diverse fauna

    The wildlife of the high plateau consists of elephants, rhinos, deer, antelopes, wild buffalo and wild boar.

    © Markus Borr / age fotostock
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