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Burundi : Discover the country's culture


-The Wild Boy of Burundi : A Study of an Outcast Child, by Lane and Pillard.


- Les Maitres Tambours du Burundi, (ASIN)
- The albums Ya and Sambolera, by Khadja Nin.

Burundi : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

8,000BC: Human occupation on the banks of Lake Tanganyika.
15th century: Tutsi farmers settle in the area1880 to 1890: Germany colonises Urundi (currently Burundi).
During the First World War, the Belgian troops in the Congo, helped by the British, took possession of Ruanda (currently Rwanda) and Urundi, and constituted the territory of Ruanda-Urundi.
1925: The Belgian coloniser implemented a regime of "indirect rule" (indirect administration) favouring the Tutsi aristocracy.
July 1962: Independence of Burundi.
October 1961: The crown price Rwagasore and the Prime Minister Pierre N'Gendandunwe are assassinated.
Political instability. Tutsi military coups d'etat, Hutu uprisings, numerous massacres.
1966: A Coup d'Etat putting an end to the monarchy. Beginning of the First Republic. Captain Michel Micombero is nominated as President.
November 1976: Coup d'etat bringing General Jean-Baptiste Bagaza to power.
1981: New Constitution establishing the single party.
1984 : Election of the single candidate, Bagaza.
September 1987: New coup d'Etat bringing Pierre Buyoya to power.
June 1993: Democratic Presidential elections won by Melchior N'Dadaye. He is assassinated one month later during an attempted takeover by Tutsi armed forces.
During the waves of violence, thousands of Hutus flee to Rwanda. Cyprien Ntaryamira replaces Melchior N'Dadaye.
April 6th 1994: Assassination of Cyprien Ntaryamira. Sylvestre Ntibantunganya assumes his functions.
July 1996: Former President Pierre Buyoya takes power. The Hutu rebellion gains several regions in the country.
April 2003: Domitien Ndayizeye becomes President of Burundi.

Burundi : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st: New Year's Day.

February 5th: Unity Day.

March 12th: Labour Day.
May 20th: Ascension.

General elections

July 1st: Independence Day.

August 15th: Assumption.

October 13th: Rwagasore.
October 21st: Ndadaye Day.

November 1st: All Saints' Day.

December 25th: Christmas.

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