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Bokor Station , The town of Bokor, Cambodia , Cambodia
The town of Bokor, Cambodia

The town of Bokor was constructed by the french in the 1920's. It is a place of attraction for tourists thanks to its national park.

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Bokor Station Cambodia
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Bokor Station

The Bokor station is 3,411 feet and dominates the Elephants mountain chain. In the forests there are 30 endemic plant species, but also tigers, leopards, wild cows, civets, pigs and gibbons. The endangered Asian elephant wanders around this park. For enthusiastic birdwatchers, there are various species there. A 1.5 miles walk from the station, the Popokvil waterfalls will astound people approaching them. The interesting thing about this waterfall is that it is a double one.

Bokor Station

Bokor Station , Wild pig, Bokor National Park , Cambodia
Wild pig, Bokor National Park

The Bokor National Park is located 1080 meters above sea level and lies on the summit of Mont Damrei.

Bokor Station , A leopard, Bokor National Park , Cambodia
A leopard, Bokor National Park

The leopard is one of the most common species in Cambodia.

Bokor Station , The monkeys of Bokor , Cambodia
The monkeys of Bokor

The monkeys swing from branch to branch in the forest of the national park.

Bokor Station , Orchids of Bokor , Cambodia
Orchids of Bokor

The Bokor National Park is abundant with vegetal species such as orchids.

Bokor Station , The abundant  vegetation , Cambodia
The abundant vegetation

In the rainy season ,besides the orchids and other vegetation you will find great waterfalls.

Dmitry Rukhlenko / 123RF
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