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Cambodia has all sorts of animals, some of which are becoming more and more rare, such as the Java rhinoceros, the Asian elephant, the Ko Prey, the gaur (wild ox), the water buffalo, the tiger, or the sao la (antelope). However, bear, buffalo, leopards, monkeys or snakes still live in the country's forests.
We do not forget the crocodiles, however they only live on farms, where they are bred for their flesh and skin.
Birdwatchers will be delighted, as numerous species have chosen Cambodia as their domicile. You can see cranes, egrets, sparrowhawks, falcons, kites, eagles, vultures, peacocks, quail, woodcocks, owls, heron, pelicans, wild ducks, cormorants...
National parks and animal reserves have been created to preserve this nature.

  • The fauna , Asian elephant, Cambodia , Cambodia
    Asian elephant, Cambodia

    There are four species of the Asian elephant, also called the Indian elephant. It is estimated that Cambodia is home to 400 to 600 wild elephants.

  • The fauna , The elephants of Cambodia , Cambodia
    The elephants of Cambodia

    Cambodia is full of all kinds of animals, some of which, like the Asian elephant are becoming increasingly rare.

  • The fauna , In Cambodia there is a huge variation of wild , Cambodia
    In Cambodia there is a huge variation of wild

    There are many species of wild cattle among which are the kouprey, of which there are over 250 in Cambodia.

    Petch JANTO / 123RF
  • The fauna , Angkor Wat , Cambodia
    Chive palm-kernel

    A horse quenches its thirst within the surrounding greenary of Angkor Wat

  • The fauna , A crocodile, Cambodia , Cambodia
    A crocodile, Cambodia

    Cambodia is populated by some of the worlds most dangerous animals, including crocodiles, tigers, snakes and leopards.

  • The fauna , Cambodian agriculture , Cambodia
    Cambodian agriculture

    Oxen are essential to farmers working on the fields.

    Tatiana Morozova / 123RF
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