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The fauna and flora

Cambodia is rich in animal species sometimes on the verge of extinction that can only be found in this vast country. The flora is also varied. You can admire orchids, wander through the mangroves, or wonder at the palmyra palms, the symbol of Cambodia. On the plain, the rice fields predominate, but alternate with undefined ground sprinkled with reeds and woods. However, a bigger problem persists; deforestation. The export of wood has been controlled since 1995, in order to stop mass destruction of trees.

Arts and culture

The paradox of Cambodia is that it is globally known for what is the most beautiful in the world, Angkor, as well as the worst, the Khmer Rouge. Dance and sculpture hold considerable importance in Cambodian culture. The perfect harmony of these two arts is found on the walls of the Angkor temples, with the famous asparas (celestial dancers).
Ballet is probably the oldest artistic tradition in the country and still follows the original forms of ballet passed down from the royal courts. Considered to be a sacred ritual and not just a simple show, these dances are inspired by traditional stories, such as the dance of the princess and the flower or extracts from the Ramayana.

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