Explore Africa at 13,000 feet in Cameroon

Finding gorillas, chimpanzees and elephants in the Lobéké Park, climbing Mount Cameroon, which culminates at 4,100 m, the discovery of lunar landscapes in the north of the country, swimming from the beaches of the Atlantic coast; Cameroon offers a surprising trip to the heart of Africa. This country, which has 250 ethnic groups, with multiple cultures, traditions and religions, is an example of tolerance and respect. Although poverty is very present, the smiling population greets tourists with considerable kindness and those who travel to Cameroon will not be disappointed.
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Amy Adejokun
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Cameroon: the key figures

Surface area : 475440.0 km2

Population : 15700000 inhabitants

  • This country offers a seaside break while discovering the country.
  • If you speak French your trip will be made a lot easier.
  • The long rainy season reduces the tourist period to five months.
  • There can be security problems, particularly in the border areas.

Cameroon: what to visit?

Cameroon: what to buy?

Whether in the markets or in the shops, you will have the opportunity to practice the art of bargaining. You can bring back spices, clothes, beautiful sculptures, and masks that often come from other African countries. Music shops will be pleased to record a compilation of the latest African hits for you. In Yaoundé, you will find paintings in obom, a tree sap that is malleable enough to paint with. In general, be on your guard against so-called "authentic" items that cannot be found elsewhere. The shops are open from 8.00am to 12.30pm and from 3.00pm to 6.00pm every day except on Sunday.

Cameroon: what to eat?

Cameroon has the reputation for offering some of the best dishes in the region. Manioc is the major component of the food, however, each region has its specialties. In Yaoundé, fish and meat are cooked in a banana leaf (the n'domba), while in Douala, they are accompanied by spices and a vegetable that is very close to spinach (the n'dolé). There are also several varieties of couscous. There are many wild animals in the country, and you will definitely have the opportunity of eating game. Fish lovers should wait until they get to the coastal areas. You will find Lebanese and Chinese restaurants in the large towns.

Cameroon: travel tips

If you intend to make a detailed visit to the country, bear in mind the slowness of the transport here when establishing the duration of your stay. A fortiori, if you are intending to drive yourself in a car, think of making certified true copies of your passport, visa, and driving licence, and leaving them in a safe place before going out visiting the country. In the case of theft, this will facilitate the administrative procedures.. During road checks, do not try to back out of police "fines" insofar as is reasonably possible. This would be a waste of time and you would have to pay anyway.
Duration of flight: 5h

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