Alberta is the sunniest and richest province in Canada. The region, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, continues to attract many tourists and is made up of beautiful landscapes, from mountains to lakes.
  • Alberta, Canada
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This oil-producing area, which is part of Western Canada, has many attractive features. Bordered by the Rocky Mountains on one side and vast prairies on the other, it is a shelter for various species of animal, such as elk, bears and even bison. Those who travel to Alberta will discover five national parks, each as unforgettable as the next. The cities, which are sparsely populated and very traditional, have long retained a natural charm reminiscent of the cowboy era. The two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary, host the main festivals and events. In short, Alberta offers a complete change in scenery for a trip full of adventures and surprises!

Alberta: the key figures

Surface area : 66184.0 km2

Population : 3645257 inhabitants

Time difference : Alberta is 7 hours behind the UK.

  • The opportunity to ski at the heart of the cities during winter and visit national parks wearing snowshoes.
  • The many lakes and rivers, which are particularly beautiful in summer.
  • The relaxed way of life in the friendly cities.
  • The vastness of the area, which takes at least 2 weeks to explore by car.
  • The particularly harsh climate in winter, which can put off those who are sensitive to the cold.

Alberta: what to visit?


  • The mountains , Canada
    The mountains
  • The forests , Canada
    The forests
  • The lakes , Canada
    The lakes
  • Alberta , Canada
  • Alberta , Canada

Parks and reserves

  • Waterton Lakes National Park , Canada
    Waterton Lakes National Park
  • , Jasper National Park, Parks and reserves, Alberta
    Jasper National Park
  • , Banff National Park, Parks and reserves, Alberta
    Banff National Park
  • , Banff National Park, Parks and reserves, Alberta

The fauna and flora

  • Wolverines , Canada
  • The black bear , Canada
    The black bear
  • The black spruce , Canada
    The black spruce
  • Wildlife in Alberta, Canada, The Alberta wildlife, The fauna and flora, Alberta
    The Alberta wildlife
  • Wildlife in Alberta, Canada, The Alberta wildlife, The fauna and flora, Alberta

Activities and leisure

  • Skiing , Canada
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park , Canada
    Dinosaur Provincial Park
  • Miette hot springs , Canada
    Miette hot springs
  • Miette hot springs , Canada

Alberta: what to buy?

There are many shopping centres in the main cities of Alberta. In Edmonton, the capital, shopaholics will love the West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the world.

On your souvenir list to take back for friends and family should be: maple syrup, lumberjack shirts, and reindeer soft toys, among others.

Alberta: what to eat?

In Alberta you can try many types of barbecued meat, such as rib steaks, and bison terrine, which is served with wild rice pancakes and cranberry sauce.

In Western Canada, there are many fish and shellfish-based specialities, not to mention the maple syrup-based dishes.

As for drinks, why not treat yourself to a beer, of which Canada is a major producer. They even drink it with oysters!

Alberta: travel tips

It is advisable to take warm clothing, especially if you are visiting Alberta during the winter months.

If you plan to travel around, it is best to hire a car, and if you want to explore the Rockies, you are advised to hire a guide. Needless to say, the province is very large and it is easy to get lost when hiking or cycling. In terms of things to do, there are many places on the must-see list, such as the provincial capital Edmonton and the large city of Calgary. Above all, don't miss Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, which will amaze you!

If you go camping, do not leave any food lying around as it attracts bears and other wild animals, which can be dangerous. If you come across one, don't make any sudden movements and don't run away.

Finally, we strongly recommend taking a camera and a pair of binoculars so you can see as much as possible!

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