Things to see in Alberta

Alberta is a magnificent province, and its landscapes are both natural and varied with mountains, forests, plains and lakes. Many species of animal coexist in the region, such as black bears, moose and bison. The large national parks are very well-known and popular, and should not be missed. Depending on the season, there are a number of options for activity enthusiasts, such as climbing, skiing and hiking, etc. You're sure to leave with lots of memories of Alberta!

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Alberta is the ideal destination for those who appreciate mountain landscapes dotted with glaciers, lakes and rivers. In the southwest of the province lie the Rockies. Elsewhere, you will find lush vegetation and wild animals in a natural habitat that has remained untouched by civilisation. Don't forget your camera!

Parks and reserves

There are five national parks in Alberta, all vast and magnificent natural reserves. Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are famous throughout the world, and both have a well-developed fauna and flora; here, tourists can see wild animals (including some endangered species) and well-preserved plants.

The fauna and flora

Nature is very important in Alberta, and the province ensures its fauna and flora are well-preserved. As a result, many species can be found in the area, whether in the mountains, plains or forests. Many migratory birds also pass through the region, and you may be surprised to see some animals that are not found in the UK, such as black bears and grizzly bears.

Activities and leisure

Mostly covered by mountains and forests, Alberta is a very large province that is sparsely populated. You won't have time to be bored here with plenty of activities on offer: camping, fishing and hiking in summer, and skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing in winter. Not to mention water skiing on the many lakes and climbing the slopes of the Rockies.

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