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Nomadic groups speaking the Algonquian language live in the boreal forest and specialise in making beads made of bone, stone, shell and seeds. They also do embroidery from caribou hair. To establish treaties or during peace ceremonies, they exchange ?Wampum' belts decorated with shell beads. They always decorate their jackets and moccasins with beaded motifs, and make common items out of birch bark. The Huron women do embroidery from moose hair, and the men carve wooden masks, snow-shoes, and canoes. The Mohawks create silver jewellery decorated with beads and traditional stone sculptures. The Abenakis specialise in basketwork from ash trees. In the far north, the Naskapis developed art exclusively from the caribou, transforming the skins, antlers and horns into clothes and jewellery. Art in Quebec is very rich and diversified, due to these various cultures and communities.

  • American Indian Arts , American Indian Arts, Canada , Canada
    American Indian Arts, Canada

    If you'd like to get better acquainted with American Indian art, head for the Godbut Museum, which houses a large selection of American Indian and Inuit pieces.

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    American Indian jewellery, Canada

    These unique pieces have been handcrafted by the Navajo, Hopi, Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec Indians, among others. An insight into authentic art.

    Jean-Louis Ris
  • American Indian Arts , Canada
    American Indian Arts
    Revel / 123RF
  • American Indian Arts , Canada
    American Indian Arts
    Martine Oger / 123RF
  • American Indian Arts , Canada
    American Indian Arts
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  • American Indian Arts , Canada
    American Indian Arts
    Darryl Brooks / 123RF
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