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Canada is a vast country, the second largest in the world and therefore there is plenty to explore. From Toronto and Niagara Falls to Vancouver, with the Rockies in between, Canada has a multi-faceted history and an enthralling landscape. Not only is there an enormous variety of scenery, but also a diverse populous. But where do you begin? The blogs listed here will give you a taster of what this country has to offer, from adventure backpacking to discovering cutting-edge culture.
  • Food

    [ Nooschi ]

    by Nooschi
    Comments: Looking for some delicious food in Canada? Check out Nooschi for spot on recommendations! Her posts are helpfully labelled by city.  Strong point: Her stunning photos will make you want to book a table now.
  • Food
    The Food Adventures of Lumico

    [ The Food Adventures of Lumico ]

    by Amy and Lulu
    Comments: This tag team duo chronicles the best foods that Vancouver and Toronto have to offer. They've got the East and West coasts covered!  Strong point: Check them out on Pinterest and Twitter to stay up to date.
  • Food
    514 eats

    [ 514 eats ]

    by 514 eats
    Comments: Montreal restaurant and bar reviews brought to you by two regular guys that like to eat and drink.  Strong point: Their guide tab breaks down all their posts by neighborhood, price, etc.
  • Adventure
    Kran and Nina

    [ Kran and Nina ]

    by Kran and Nina
    Comments: This blogging couple has moved from Melbourne to Canada while writing about their travels along the way.  Strong point: Check them out for fun adventures in the US and Canada.
  • Food

    [ ]

    by CCU in MTL
    Comments: Think you know everything about Montreal? We bet you're wrong. Check out CCU's delicious reviews and recipes.  Strong point: The at home recipes make our mouths water.
  • Adventure
    Canada's Adventure Couple

    [ Canada's Adventure Couple ]

    by Dave and Deb
    Comments: A couple who have been travelling the world for 11 years.  Strong point: A blog about how adventure and Canada are synonymous.
  • Nature
    i Backpack Canada

    [ i Backpack Canada ]

    by Corbin Fraser
    Comments: A Canadian who wanted to find out more about his home country.  Strong point: Well-developed blog, with a hub of information and photos.
  • Culture
    Dear England, Love Canada

    [ Dear England, Love Canada ]

    by Anne Kostalas
    Comments: A blog from a producer, journalist, broadcaster and editor.  Strong point: Some well-shot videos from around Canada.
  • Explore
    Final Transit

    [ Final Transit ]

    by Priyank
    Comments: Indian expat living in Canada, on a mission to discover the world through backpacking, hitchhiking and couchsurfing.  Strong point: His travel blog with photo galleries and stories from around the world.
  • Explore
    Matt Gibson

    [ Matt Gibson ]

    by Matt Gibson
    Comments: Outdoor adventurer Matt Gibson travels the world and writes about the fantastic places he sees. He loves exploring nature, sports, and new cultures.  Strong point: His professional photos will inspire and amaze you.
  • Adventure
    Our Oyster

    [ Our Oyster ]

    by Jade Johnson
    Comments: This Manitoba native caught the travel bug on a university program in Denmark. She loves to combine volunteering and new experiences.  Strong point: Check out her posts on her recent over land tour of Australia!
  • Nature


    by Margaret Bourne
    Comments: This Mississauga-based adventurer likes to work hard and play hard. She enjoys the outdoors whenever possible.  Strong point: Check her out for all things Ontario, foreign travel, and social media.
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