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Pumpkins and entertainment everywhere, children and adults in disguise: in Quebec, Halloween is a real celebration. The word 'Halloween' comes form the expression 'All Hallow's Eve', but the origins of the feast lie in Celtic mythology. Samhain signalled the beginning of the dark season (winter), a transition marked by Druidic rituals: according to beliefs, the spirits of the dead came back on this night, and in order to appease them, it was customary to leave food as an offering. Influenced by the Christian holiday of All Saints' from the 9th century, over time the pagan festival transformed into a children's celebration, during which they go from door to door disguised as ghosts and ghouls begging for sweets. In the 19th century, the tradition crossed the ocean with the Irish and Scottish immigrants and was quickly adopted by the local populations. Nowadays, everyone celebrates Halloween in Quebec! The very popular expression 'trick or treating' refers to the children going from house to house asking for sweets . The indisputable star of the celebration: the pumpkin, whose orange colour brightens up all the decorations. Did you know? Jack-O-Lanterns also have a Celtic origin, originating from the Irish folk tale about a scoundrel named Stingy Jack, damned to roam the Earth with a burning coal in a carved-out turnip to use as a lantern. In memory of the lost souls, the Irish kept the tradition of carving out turnips, potatoes and swedes to light candles in on the night of 31st October. Those who emigrated to America replaced them with pumpkins, their rounded shape making them ideal for carving.

  • Fête d'Halloween , Canada
    Fête d'Halloween
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  • Fête d'Halloween , Canada
    Fête d'Halloween
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  • Fête d'Halloween , Canada
    Fête d'Halloween
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  • Fête d'Halloween , Canada
    Fête d'Halloween
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  • Fête d'Halloween , Canada
    Fête d'Halloween
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