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Forests Canada
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Forests

Manitoba, and particularly Ontario, have two types of forest. In the north, the boreal forest, with a very dense vegetation, essentially consists of coniferous trees, such as the white spruce, the balsam fir, or the tamarack. More to the south, as in the Saint Lawrence valley, the vegetation hesitates between conifers and broad-leaved trees. The summer colours provide a luminous green, and the autumn colours are mixed, going from green to yellow, through the bright red of the magnificent maple trees. You fall in love each season.


Forests , Woodland, Canada , Canada
Woodland, Canada

Ontario and Manitoba are two provinces where the turning of the leaves in autumn is most apparent. A stunning sight not to underestimate.

© Index StockPhotolibr / age fotostock
Forests , Manitoba's woodlands, Canada , Canada
Manitoba's woodlands, Canada

Manitoba's provincial landscape is dominated by forests. Of the total provincial land area of 63.62 million ha, 36.35 million ha of this is forestlands and other wooded areas.

© ©Elena Elisseeva / age fotostock
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The fauna and flora
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