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La dune de Bouctouche Canada
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover La dune de Bouctouche

La dune de Bouctouche, which stretches over 7 miles, is located east of the town of the same name and is protected by the Irving Eco-Centre. This centre preserves the fauna and flora, allowing visitors to explore the dune without harming the ecosystem. Via the Irving Eco-Centre, it is possible to walk along a wooden bridge on stilts, which is approximately 1 mile long. At the end of the bridge, you come to a sandy beach with pleasantly warm waters, which is protected by the bay. To the great delight of visitors, many birds frequent La dune de Bouctouche, such as the solitary great blue heron and the small piping plover.

La dune de Bouctouche

La dune de Bouctouche , Canada
La dune de Bouctouche © Michael Donahue / Tourism New Brunswick, Canada
La dune de Bouctouche , Canada
La dune de Bouctouche © Tourism New Brunwick, Canada
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