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In the centre of the country and at the heart of the prairies, you can travel to Manitoba, a lake region covering an area of 250,947 miČ, will delight travellers looking for a change in scenery. The richness of this province primarily lies in the diversity of its landscapes. In the north, you can explore the countless number of lakes that reflect the stunning aurora borealis, which many people come to the region to see. Aside from the dense forests, the region also offers sunflower fields, dry tundra and fine sandy beaches, which will delight aesthetes: these landscapes are of rare and unparalleled beauty. At the heart of this untamed nature, tourists can engage in numerous activities, such as canoeing, rafting and camping in the wild. There is something for everyone. There are also many parks in Manitoba where you can see all kinds of animals, including the American bison, which can be found in Riding Mountain National Park, and a little over 200 Canada geese that can be seen at the Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary. The range of activities is sure to please both children and adults alike. In Manitoba, there is also Winnipeg, a city that never fails to charm tourists.

Manitoba: the key figures

Surface area : 649950.0 km2

Population : 1208268 inhabitants

Time difference : There is a 6-hour time difference between Manitoba and the UK. Therefore, when it is midday in London, it is 6:00am in Winnipeg.

  • The calm and relaxed atmosphere of Manitoba
  • The magic of the colourful landscapes
  • The well-preserved nature across most of the area
  • The harsh climate during the winter months (October to March)

Manitoba: what to visit?


  • , Riding Mountain National Park, Landscapes, Manitoba
    Riding Mountain National Park
  • , Grand Beach Provincial Park, Landscapes, Manitoba
    Grand Beach Provincial Park
  • , Grand Beach Provincial Park, Landscapes, Manitoba


  • Saint Boniface Cathedral , Canada
    Saint Boniface Cathedral
  • Saint-Boniface Museum

The fauna and flora

  • The fauna
  • The flora, The fauna and flora, Manitoba
    The flora
  • Manitoba polar bears, Canada, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Manitoba
  • Manitoba polar bears, Canada, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Manitoba


  • Bannocks, Enogastronomy, Manitoba
  • Perogies , Canada
  • Vinarterta, Enogastronomy, Manitoba
  • Vinarterta, Enogastronomy, Manitoba

Manitoba: what to buy?

In Winnipeg, you will find enormous American malls. There are many of these huge shopping centres, which have shops, sandwich bars and other fast-food outlets. Shopaholics will love Polo Parkand Johnston Terminal, two 'super shopping centres'. That being said, those who love small, charming boutiques won't be disappointed either. There are many streets full of shops, where tourists will almost certainly find something unique. Take a stroll through the streets of Winnipeg and pay attention to the shops that do not look much from the outside, as they often have many hidden treasures.

Manitoba: what to eat?

In Manitoba, you will of course come across all the elements of classic North American cuisine. That being said, the local cuisine is not particularly well-known. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to try some of the specialities, such as prairie black bean soup, which is prepared with ingredients harvested in the fields. The prairies are a major source of food, such as wheat, sourdough and pumpernickel, which are used to make delicious bread rolls. Dried fish is a must-try ancestral dish, and you will no doubt be tempted by the smoked Winnipeg goldeye served with a lime vinaigrette, which is a real delicacy.

Manitoba: main cities

Manitoba: travel tips

The official language is English, so no problems there, although you may encounter some French-speakers, particularly in Winnipeg.

Be aware that temperatures drop very quickly here in winter, especially between November and March.

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