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Bordered by the United States to the west and Quebec to the north, New Brunswick brings visitors closer to nature. This Canadian province allows you to explore all aspects of nature, which are gathered in an area twice the size of Belgium. You can explore the windswept coastlines and soak up the captivating beauty of the Bay of Fundy, or dive into the heart of the forests, which are the setting for a rich ecosystem. The main attraction of this area is the whale watching excursions, which guarantee unforgettable views and allow you to enjoy nature in all its splendour. The same goes for observing the black bears in the Acadieville region. If you are after more than just fresh air, the history of the Acadian people and their unique culture guarantee moments full of emotion and discovery. This is especially true of the Village Historique Acadien near Caraquet, which takes you back to the 18th century. Those who travel to New Brunswick will discover a family destination ideal for everyone!

New Brunswick: the key figures

Surface area : 73440.0 km2

Population : 757100 inhabitants

Time difference : There is a 4-hour time difference between New Brunswick and the UK.

  • The diversity of the landscapes
  • The richness of the Acadian culture
  • How easy it is to see the local fauna
  • The healthy cuisine
  • The difficult access

New Brunswick: what to visit?


  • The Appalachian Mountains , Canada
    The Appalachian Mountains
  • The forest , Canada
    The forest
  • The rivers , Canada
    The rivers
  • Kouchibouguac National Park , Canada
    Kouchibouguac National Park
  • Kouchibouguac National Park , Canada


  • The Bay of Fundy , Canada
    The Bay of Fundy
  • La dune de Bouctouche , Canada
    La dune de Bouctouche
  • La dune de Bouctouche , Canada

Arts and culture

  • The New Brunswick Museum , Canada
    The New Brunswick Museum
  • Acadian Festival of Caraquet , Canada
    Acadian Festival of Caraquet
  • The Beaverbrook Art Gallery

The fauna and flora

  • National wildlife areas , Canada
    National wildlife areas
  • Migratory bird sanctuaries , Canada
    Migratory bird sanctuaries
  • Migratory bird sanctuaries , Canada

New Brunswick: what to buy?

Most of the handicrafts in New Brunswick are made by the Acadian population, mainly in the region of Madawaska. You can buy wooden objects, doilies and ceramics, as well as quilts, made from colorful pieces of patterned fabric sewn together. As for food, you can buy lobster, the emblem of the country, to take back home, and some shops even offer to prepare it for long journeys. It is also possible, and even recommended, to take back wine from one of the many vineyards throughout the province.

New Brunswick: what to eat?

It is impossible to leave New Brunswick without having tasted the famous blue lobster. To do this, head for Shediac, the capital of this crustacean. It is eaten in various ways, ranging from lobster sandwichs to refined dishes. It is of course much cheaper than in the UK, and the meat is much more tender. The region also has foods to satisfy the palates of those looking for originality, and this is particularly true of dulse, an edible salty seaweed endemic to the area. Meanwhile, those with healthy appetites can try poutine, an Acadian speciality. In short, it is greasy but great. Think fries covered in melted cheese and gravy.

New Brunswick: main cities

New Brunswick: travel tips

New Brunswick can be visited in all seasons, and each has its own appeal and distinctive features. Autumn is the best time of year for whale watching, and there are also many festivals, including the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival among others. In spring, the colourful flora returns, and in summer, you can swim in the warm salty waters and cool rivers. In winter, the more adventurous holidaymakers can take part in a myriad of activities. Far from being a quiet season, cultural life is intense around this time. Indulge in the pleasures of winter sports with both alpine and cross-country skiing centres, and for fun with the whole family, take the ski lift up Mont Farlagne and try snow tubing. Outdoor acitivities and winter sports are also the focus in the province's parks, so check the snow conditions and go and play outside!

If you can, travel along one of the five scenic routes, as this is one of the best ways to soak up the province's spectacular beauty and diversity. The Acadian coastal route is one of the most beautiful and is known for its sandy beaches with their warm waters, and its rocky coast inhabited by various marine species.

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