Things to see in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has many attractive features up its sleeve! A natural area with a thousand and one secrets, you will fall in love with its magnificent coastline, mountains, forests and rivers, as well as the many animals that live there. This region is ideal for those who love adventures, culture, history and exploring. Take a walk around and you will be surprised by the picturesque towns and small fishing villages. It is a breath of fresh air!

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    New Brunswick
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The landscapes in New Brunswick are superb, and the province has many national parks where the atmosphere is refreshing and invigorating. Alternating between dunes and cliffs, the Acadian coastline offers unspoiled scenery. The northern end of the Appalachians will delight those with a love of mountains and wide open spaces. Likewise, the omnipresence of the sea is an attractive feature and makes the region seem bigger.


In New Brunswick, you are never further than 124 miles from the coast. There are two gulfs and four bays separating the land from the sea. The coastline is very popular with tourists, who can try the fresh fish and seafood caught along it, or go swimming in the pleasant, calm sea.

Arts and culture

The region is home to numerous festivals, museums and exhibitions throughout the year. The large performance venues and historic sites are part of New Brunswick's attractions. A trip to this province wouldn't be complete without sharing its culture, through a dance, a painting or a photograph.

The fauna and flora

The fauna and flora are very diverse in the province of New Brunswick. The natural environments are particularly well protected and are not always open to tourists, for the well-being of the species living in them. In addition to fishing, it is also possible to go hunting in certain forests, for game as well as bear, duck, and even hare. Nevertheless, great emphasis is placed on respect for nature and the environment.

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