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Nova Scotia is a maritime province in Canada. Next door to New Brunswick and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, it includes Sable Island and Cape Breton Island. The Canso Causeway and the the Isthmus of Chignecto have also helped to shape Nova Scotia. It never fails to impress tourists who travel to Nova Scotia, especially the Bay of Fundy, where the landscapes of sheer cliffs and endless beaches are simply breathtaking. The province is full of towns and cities with important historical heritage, such as the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax. Visitors can also attend Celtic rock and jazz festivals on Cape Breton Island. For sports fanatics, other activities include canoeing/kayaking and excursions on the water. The culture on this archipelago is very mixed, between the Acadians, descendants of French colonists, the descendants of British immigrants and those of the black African slaves. Nova Scotia will delight all types of tourists, from those looking for adventurous thrills to those in search of relaxation, not to mention those who are passionate about culture.

New Scotland: the key figures

Surface area : 50500.0 km2

Population : 940000 inhabitants

Time difference : Halifax is 4 hours behind London. So when it is 10:00am in London, it is 6:00am in Halifax.

  • The wealth of Nova Scotia's culture
  • The natural sites
  • The main activities on offer
  • The vastness of the region
  • The harsh climate in winter

New Scotland: what to visit?


  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park , Canada
    Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  • The Bay of Fundy , Canada
    The Bay of Fundy
  • Kejimkujik National Park , Canada
    Kejimkujik National Park
  • Kejimkujik National Park , Canada

The fauna and flora

  • Fauna , Canada
  • Flora , Canada
  • Flora , Canada


  • The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic , Canada
    The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
  • , The Fortress of Louisbourg, Monuments, New Scotland
    The Fortress of Louisbourg
  • The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic , Canada
    The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • The Halifax Citadel , Canada
    The Halifax Citadel
  • Pier 21 , Canada
    Pier 21
  • Pier 21 , Canada


  • Lobster chowder , Canada
    Lobster chowder
  • Nova Scotia halibut , Canada
    Nova Scotia halibut
  • Wine and whiskey , Canada
    Wine and whiskey
  • Wine and whiskey , Canada

New Scotland: what to buy?

For fans of shopping, Halifax is a shopper's paradise. With shopping centres full of luxury boutiques, there is something for everyone. The Brewery Market is a covered market that takes place every Saturday where you can find just about everything: foodstuffs, clothing, handicrafts and flowers. There's also the Halifax Shopping Centre with more than 200 stores where you will be able to find anything you could want and/or need. New Glascow's Highland Square Mall and Antigonish Mall are shopping centres that are also known for their cosy aspects.

New Scotland: what to eat?

Seafood, lobster and mussels are the staple foods of Nova Scotian cuisine. The local speciality are the Digby scallops. They are often served with small vegetables and wine and can be enjoyed in Digby, the port town where they are fished.

New Scotland: main cities

New Scotland: travel tips

In terms of the best times to visit Nova Scotia, we recommend spring or summer since the climate is very mild during these seasons and it is possible to enjoy outdoor activities in good conditions.

Light clothing is advisable in the summer, since it can get quite hot. However, do pack some jumpers or sweatshirts, warm trousers and a raincoat for those cooler nights, not to mention good walking shoes for hiking.

Nova Scotia is an English speaking province of Canada.

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