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Things to see in New Scotland

Nova Scotia has a multitude of unique landscapes and historic monuments that are known around the world and are the delight of visitors. After having discovered the wealth of the region, visitors can enjoy trying a glass of the local whisky.

  • New Scotland
    New Scotland
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The fauna and flora

The fauna and flora in Nova Scotia is extremely diverse and adapted to the continental climate. In summer, is it possible to see whales in the Bay of Fundy, while in winter you can discover the taiga, the boreal forest that forms a landscape of magnificent colours.


Being a coastal region, Nova Scotia's cuisine is mainly based around seafood. In addition to Digby scallops, other local specialities include Caldwer, a type of fish soup, and Nova Scotia halibut. As for drinks, whisky is the great favourite. What is a little unusual for the region is its vineyards along the coast. There are several restaurants and pubs where you can discover the local Nova Scotian cuisine.

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