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The Northwest Territories region in Canada is principally composed of lakes and glaciers. The Arctic climate may not be immediately appealing to some, but note that it does mean that a good number of activities can be enjoyed here in winter, including skiing and snowshoeing. This region is home to bison, bears and foxes, and is also a stopover for numerous migratory bird species. The capital, Yellowknife, is where you'll find one of the largest mines in Canada. What's more, the Dene people have lived in the Territories for many years and have their own rich and remarkable culture, which is visible throughout region. Canada's Northwest Territories will delight nature lovers and those looking for new discoveries!

North-west Canada: the key figures

Surface area : 1346106.0 km2

Population : 41462 inhabitants

Time difference : There is a 7-hour time difference between the UK and the Northwest territories.

  • The Dene culture
  • The polar landscapes
  • A total change of scenery
  • The extreme temperatures in winter
  • The long journeys from one town or city to another.

North-west Canada: what to visit?


  • The lakes , Canada
    The lakes
  • The Mackenzie Mountains , Canada
    The Mackenzie Mountains
  • The aurora borealis , Canada
    The aurora borealis
  • The aurora borealis , Canada

The fauna and flora

  • Bison , Canada
  • Conifers , Canada
  • Conifers , Canada

Activities and leisure

  • The Diavik Dimaond Mines , Canada
    The Diavik Dimaond Mines
  • The ice roads , Canada
    The ice roads
  • The ice roads , Canada

Arts and culture

  • The Dene People , Canada
    The Dene People
  • The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre , Canada
    The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
  • The Arctic Winter Games , Canada
    The Arctic Winter Games
  • The Arctic Winter Games , Canada

North-west Canada: what to buy?

The best places for shopping are found in the region's cities, like the capital, Yellowknife. There are also plenty of little souvenir shops where you can find unusual objects to bring back from your travels, like a diamond from the Diavik Diamond Mine.

North-west Canada: what to eat?

The cuisine in the Northwest Territories is similar to that enjoyed in other parts of Northern Canada. As in the surrounding regions, the inhabitants tend to eat hot and rich meals in order to withstand the very cold climate. A number of the typical local dishes are made from caribou, muskox and bison.

North-west Canada: main cities

North-west Canada: travel tips

Whatever the season, we recommend that you pack warm clothes and good walking shoes. Some waterproof clothing wouldn't go amiss either.

During your trip, make sure to visit the region's main towns and cities like Yellowknife, Inuvik and Fort Smith. However, note that these are often a very long way from one another. For example, Yellowknife and Inuvik are more than six hundred miles apart. Nevertheless, to save time you can always travel from one to another by airplane, the preferred mode of transport in this region. Indeed, there is an aerodrome in almost every town.

Finally, don't forget to visit the major tourist sites like the Diavik Diamond Mine and Nahanni National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Last but not least, don't head off to bed too early in the evening in winter or you'll miss out on admiring the magnificent aurora borealis (or northern lights) that light up the sky.

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