Things to see in North-west Canada

Whether it's for the beautiful landscapes, the complete change of scenery or the wide range of activities on offer, there are many reasons to visit the Northwest Territories! Indeed, this incredibly vast region has plenty for visitors to discover.

English is just one of the region's eleven official languages, so you won't have any trouble communicating with the inhabitants, especially given that they are so friendly. The towns and cities such as Yellowknife, Inuvik and Paulatuk are particularly interesting for their museums and shops. Visitors will no doubt be impressed by the artworks of the Dene people, an ethnic group that has lived in the region for hundreds of years.

When visiting the Northwest Territories of Canada in winter, you can enjoy activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and even dog sledding. If you'd prefer to visit the region in the summer, golfing, hiking in the mountains and canoeing or kayaking are all on the cards.

The Northwest Territories is a region dominated by nature, which makes for an adventurous trip you're sure to never forget.

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The Northwest Territories is an expansive region comprising a wide range of landscapes. There are ice fields in the north, plains in the south, and mountains in the centre. What's more, the landscapes change with the seasons. On some evenings, the magnificent aurora borealis light up the sky.

The fauna and flora

Heavy vegetation covers the south and west of the region, while everywhere else the land is covered with tundra. In these areas, the ground is frozen and the only vegetation is the moss that grows here and there. On the other hand, diverse fauna is present everywhere in the region: the south is populated by bison, while there are polar bears up in the north.

Activities and leisure

There are many activities to be enjoyed in the Northwest Territories. Depending on your preference and on the season, you can partake in some skiing, snowmobiling, sailing or kayaking, or even visit a diamond mine, an archaeological site or a national park.

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