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Things to see in Nunavut
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Nunavut is not a region that is inundated with tourists. Yet this territory, just a three-hour flight away from Ottawa, is home to some magnificent landscapes and offers a wide range of activities. A trip to Nunavut is also the chance to discover a new culture given that more than half of the territory's inhabitants belong to the Inuit community. In this territory where caribou roam freely in the towns and cities, visitors will be spoilt for choice between fishing in a frozen lake, taking a boat trip to Greenland and enjoying an exhilarating dog sled ride. What an exciting getaway to the edge of the North Pole!


Nunavut is vast region, which therefore comprises many different types of landscapes. These range from the long mountain chain to the ice fields, not forgetting the numerous lakes (frozen at certain times of the year), the rivers and the huge plains covered in tundra.

Arts and culture

The arts and culture in Nunavut are highly influenced by the Inuit community, which has been present in the region for several hundred years. As a result, many events and festivals in the territory reflect the Inuit culture, as do many other things you'll spot during your trip (statues, tools, jewellery, etc.).

The fauna and flora

Aside from the tundra, flora is rare in Nunavut. At most, you'll spot some Arctic willow and lichens. On the other hand, the fauna in the territory is very diverse. Polar bears, woodland caribou, wolves and walruses all live in Nunavut.

Activities and leisure

There are a wide range of activities to be enjoyed in the Nunavut region. Fishing, hunting, hiking and numerous excursions are all possible in this enchanting Arctic setting. Taking a boat trip to the various islands along the coast, during which you will have the chance to observe the polar bears on the ice fields from afar, is one particularly unique experience.