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Situated between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province. A day's flight from London, this island offers a varied landscape and culture. With its many wild beaches and red cliffs, and its legendary Indian summer, this province never ceases to amaze nature lovers. The main cities of Charlottetown, Souris and Cavendish make it possible to discover the island in all its forms: long bike rides as a family or on your own, museum visits, festivals and gastronomic events, as well as nature reserves that are home to incredible wildlife and plant life. The small size of the island means that tourists can visit it in its entirety. This is an island that only wants to welcome its visitors and keep up Canadian folklore.

Prince Edward Island: the key figures

Surface area : 5660.0 km2

Population : 140000 inhabitants

Time difference : The time difference between the UK is -4h. So when it's 10:00am in London, it's 06:00am in Charlottetown. Keep in mind that daylight savings time doesn't occur at the same time in North America as in the UK, so there may be variances in the time.

  • The advantages of a small island: tourists can visit the whole island easily and in a short time
  • The National Park located on the edge of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the north
  • The Indian summer (between October and November)
  • The changing and unpredictable climate, especially in winter (from the end of November to March)

Prince Edward Island: what to visit?


  • Confederation Trail , Canada
    Confederation Trail
  • Malpeque Bay , Canada
    Malpeque Bay
  • The National Park at Greenwich , Canada
    The National Park at Greenwich
  • The National Park at Greenwich , Canada

The fauna and flora

  • The fauna , Canada
    The fauna
  • The flora , Canada
    The flora
  • The flora , Canada


  • Baileys cheesecake , Canada
    Baileys cheesecake
  • Glazed strawberry pie , Canada
    Glazed strawberry pie
  • Glazed strawberry pie , Canada


  • St. Dunstan's Basilica , Canada
    St. Dunstan's Basilica
  • Port-la-Joye/ Fort-Armhest , Canada
    Port-la-Joye/ Fort-Armhest
  • Apothecaries Hall

Prince Edward Island: what to buy?

Prince Edward Island has lots of farm shops where tourists can buy local products, such as soaps and handmade pottery. You can buy moonshine at the Prince Edward Distillery.

Prince Edward Island: what to eat?

The island's specialities are mainly seafood and lobster based. You can try them in any number of restaurants in Cavendish, Montage and Souris. The local drink is moonshine. The island is the only place that makes this former contraband alcohol completely legally.

Prince Edward Island: main cities

Prince Edward Island: travel tips

Due to the climate, we recommend packing jumpers, sweatshirts and other warm clothes, no matter the season. The best time to visit is in autumn during the Indian summer when the scenery changes.

The official language is English, so no language barriers, although there is a small French-speaking community that lives on the island as well.

For those who enjoy cycling, there are a number of shops where you can hire bikes to do a circuit of the island. Cycle paths and picnic areas are available to tourists.

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