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Like Manitoba, Saskatchewan is part of the Great Prairies region, with huge flat expanses of land covered by endless cereal crops. This is the "granary of Canada". The hills, then mountains, surrounded by lakes, forests and rivers, are more to the north, above the two big cities. This is a majestic scenery that is desert-like and golden in the valleys, like the scenery in cowboy films, with vast endless expanses of land. The Badlands: Big Muddy, Moose Mountain and Castle Butte are immense territories with incredible sandy expanses of land. Nature seems to revive towards the mountains, like the Manito Sandhills or Cypress Hills. This is the kingdom of lush forests with rapid rivers.

  • Saskatchewan , Sunset, Saskatchewan, Canada , Canada
    Sunset, Saskatchewan, Canada

    A rowing boat rests above the water on the launch at a dock in Saskatchewan

    Clarke Wiebe / age fotostock
  • Saskatchewan , Great Sand Hills, Southwestern Saskatchewan , Canada
    Great Sand Hills, Southwestern Saskatchewan

    A lonesome tree is surrounded by active dunes

    ©Wave Royalty Free / age fotostock
  • Saskatchewan , The sun sets over a field in Saskatchewan , Canada
    The sun sets over a field in Saskatchewan

    A farmer enjoys the view from his field of wheat as the sun goes down on another day in Saskatchewan

    ©Wave Royalty Free / age fotostock
  • Saskatchewan , Prairie farmland, Saskatchewan, Canda , Canada
    Prairie farmland, Saskatchewan, Canda

    Landscapes such as this one are typical in Saskatchewan, one of three prairie provinces in Canada

    ©Tyler Olson / age fotostock
  • Saskatchewan , Landscpae, Saskatchewan, Canada , Canada
    Landscpae, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Another typical scenic landscape in the priarie state of Saskatchewan

    Carson Ganci / age fotostock
  • Saskatchewan , Lightening, Saskatchewan, Canada , Canada
    Lightening, Saskatchewan, Canada

    A remarkable shot showing a stroke of lightening seen from a farm

    Carson Ganci / age fotostock
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