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Quebec is the ideal place to practice various sporting activities. There are various footpaths for hiking enthusiasts, which are classified according to their difficulty. The trails become accessible after the snow thaws (mid-May) and there are some trails have been designed for handicapped people. Before going, do not forget to register yourself on the visitors register in the visitor centres as a precautionary measure. You will also be provided with maps and guides. You will also be able to do canoeing, a veritable institution in Quebec. The national parks and reserves serve as a departure point. For the more adventurous, sea kayaking is a thrilling sport for the more experienced. Rafting is done in specific places from the end of April to mid-October. Calmer, but just as pleasant, cycling can be done in the town, the country, and the mountains. Various cycling tracks and routes guarantee security. Fishing enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice; fishing is a traditional activity in Quebec, but very regulated, you can obtain information from the tourist office. Finally, diving and swimming are also two important activities in Quebec.

  • Summer activities , Summer activities in Quebec , Canada
    Summer activities in Quebec

    Quebec really is a playground for those who like outdoor activities, with vast natural expanses, a pleasant summer climate.

    Jean Pierre Huard - SEPAQ
  • Summer activities , Canyoning , Canada
    Canyoning, Canada

    With waterfalls of 12 and 19m, the Jean Larose Falls at Mont-Sainte-Anne are guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing.

    Village Vacances Valcartier
  • Summer activities , Mountain-biking , Canada
    Mountain-biking, Canada

    This may not exactly be the Alps, but cycling up Mont Tremblant is a good place to start. Novice cyclists will be pleased to know that there are many paths through the forest.

    Jean Sylvain
  • Summer activities , Fishing , Canada
    Fishing, Canada

    Fishing is the country's national sport, meaning that anyone can join in. In fact, there are a few million lakes in the region.

    MTOQ - Grory Cloutier
  • Summer activities , Golf , Canada
    Golf, Canada

    With over 350 public golf clubs to choose from, golf enthusiasts visiting Quebec will be thoroughly spoilt for choice.

    Jean Sylvain
  • Summer activities , Lazing around, soaking up some rays , Canada
    Relaxing in Canada

    If it's relaxation you're after from your holiday, why not relax in the sun on the grass or by one of the many swimming pools you'll find in most cities and hotels.

    Constance Lamoureux
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