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The Gaspésie region is worth the trip. A vast peninsula, defined by the Saint Lawrence River and Gulf, the Gaspésie continues to be a mythical land. On the sides, the Chic-Choc Mountains suddenly plunge into the river. The very traditional little fishing villages are a good opportunity for getting to know the inhabitants and trying the local seafood. The famous Rocher Percé is an exceptional site; the village is bordered by the White cape, the Sainte-Anne mount, the white mount, the Trois Soeurs and the Barré cape. The Forillon Park, situated on steep cliffs, has exceptional flora and fauna: this is the destination of ornithologists and other naturalists. The name of the Gaspésie region comes from the word ?Gaspé', which means ?end of the world' in the language of the Micmacs, the natives who have lived there for a millennium, which sums up the location.

  • The Gaspésie peninsula , The Gaspésie Peninsula, Canada , Canada
    The Gaspésie Peninsula, Canada

    The peninsula lies on the southern side of the St. Lawrence River and is home to a large number of parks and reserves, forests, beaches, and cliffs.

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  • The Gaspésie peninsula , Jacques Cartier , Canada
    Jacques Cartier, Canada

    The Gaspésie became the birthplace of Canada when Jacques Cartier arrived here in 1534.

    © MTOQ - Claude Parent, Paul Hurteau
  • The Gaspésie peninsula , Landscapes of the Gaspésie region , Canada
    Landscapes of the Gaspésie region

    The Gaspésie region is rich in terrains and landscapes contrasting with a craggy coastline, a large number of rivers, and vast green expanses.

    © Martine Oger / 123RF
  • The Gaspésie peninsula , Winter in the Gaspésie region , Canada
    Winter in the Gaspésie region

    The Gaspésie region attracts fewer tourists during the winter months but, if you do fancy donning some snowshoes or cross-country skis.

    © MTOQ - Sastien Cloutier
  • The Gaspésie peninsula , The Appalachians , Canada
    The Appalachians, Canada

    The Appalachian Mountains in the Gaspésie region provide a backdrop of undulating plains as a result of erosion.

    © MTOQ - Claude Parent, Paul Hurteau
  • The Gaspésie peninsula , The tip of the Gaspésie region , Canada
    The tip of the Gaspésie region

    The very tip of the Gaspésie region is home to the Forillon National Park. The main commercial activity in this area is fishing and the capital of the region is Rivičre-au-Renard.

    © Philippe Halle / 123RF
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