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The region of Lanaudière Canada
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The region of Lanaudière

Nicknamed the ?green region', the region of Lanaudière offers nature walks and cultural discovery. Located between the Saint Lawrence River, the Laurentian massif, the Maurice and the Laurentides, it forms part of the central areas of Quebec. There are agricultural towns and villages on the plain to the south, and some historical sites. The piedmont in the centre is appreciated for its numerous lakes and multiple natural attributes. The Laurentian Plateau in the north is covered by wild forests and attracts enthusiasts of brook trout fishing and open-air adventures. Wildlife enthusiasts, particularly ornithologists, will find an ideal observation ground here, particularly in the Rouge-Matawin and Mastigouche reserves, and part of the Mont-Tremblant Park. The lake Saint-Pierre archipelago, whose landscapes evoke the Louisiana bayous, has the largest heronry in Quebec. A part of this area - the Berthier islands - has been officially recognised by Unesco as a World Biosphere Reserve. Another distinctive feature of the region is the waterfalls and cascades. So you must not miss the Dorwin Falls, on the river Ouareau, in Rawdon, or those of the regional park of Chutes-Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles. The Lanaudière also has a Native American reservation, about one hour's drive from Saint-Michel-des-Saints, where the Atikamekw (Manawan) live.

The region of Lanaudière

The region of Lanaudière , Things to do in Lanaudière, Canada , Canada
Things to do in Lanaudière, Canada

You'll find plenty of things to do in the region right throughout the year, including paddling and climbing in summer and snowshoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter mon

© Designpics / 123RF
The region of Lanaudière , The green Lanaudière region, Canada , Canada
The green Lanaudière region, Canada

Lanaudière is one of Québec's wealthiest regions in terms of agriculture, which has earned it the nickname of 'the green region'.

© Maridav / 123RF
The region of Lanaudière , Skiing at Mont La Réserve, Canada , Canada
Skiing at Mont La Réserve, Canada

You can, of course, try your hand at snowmobiling and dog-sledding, but the Lanaudière mountains also boast no fewer than 24 ski slopes at Mont la Réserve.

© Ericlefrancais / 123RF
The region of Lanaudière , Lakes and forests of the Lanaudière region , Canada
Lakes and forests of the Lanaudière region

You'll find a large number of lakes and huge forested areas dotted around the north of the region, with plenty of outfitters should you fancy spending the night.

© Denis Pepin / 123RF
The region of Lanaudière , The Lanaudière Festival, Canada , Canada
The Lanaudière Festival, Canada

The Lanaudière Festival is held every summer and is a combination of music, entertainment, and a friendly ambience.

© Ericlefrancais / 123RF
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